Product Selection– LG Wellness is committed to provide only the best products on the market. By attending Industry Shows, Seminars and Spa Networking Events I am privy to the latest and greatest items on the market. I can review your needs and offer assistance with making sound choices and recommendations for Skincare and Retail needs. Once your needs in Retail are determined, I will assist you with training and educating your staff to sell the services and products selected.

Menu Selection With so many new trends in services and preferences, I can guide you to select services that fit your needs, are in trend and give options.  It is important to take excellent inventory of your clientele and determine what services have been popular versus those that have been profitable.

Financials-I am a firm believer that if you involve yourself with your business on a daily basis, you will not have any unforeseen sales obstacles at the end of the month. With P&L breakdowns and budget review analysis I will help you better understand where your Cost of Sales and Cost per Treatment are and need to be.

Protocols and Customer Service– Excellence in customer care is essential in retaining and growing your company business. One negative transaction can tarnish your reputation and continued bad service can destroy it. With a proven track record of increasing customer and employee satisfaction surveys, I can help you improve your customer service. Happy employees = happy customers = great business. By establishing protocols that provide step by step instructions to better assist your clients, your staff will feel empowered to assist even the most unruly client. Give them the power to better assist your business.

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