Mio Skin Care

Mio high intensity bodycare helps your skin stay in the best condition, working at peak performance. Skincare that works as hard as you do and gives you fit skin for life. Fit skin is strong, smooth, resilient, bouncy and firm.

Mio gives your skin positive energy from top to toe, helping you to feel confident and gorgeous in your birthday suit, no matter the birthday. Getting in touch with your body builds confidence and wellbeing.

Mio goes beyond skin deep giving skin fitness, nutrition, and exercise tips, honest advice to help increase product efficacy. Every product is like a personal fitness trainer for your skin.

Mama Mio pregnancy lotions were born in 2005.  Over a decade ago we set the bar for clean effective formulas and now we are raising it even higher. Our evolved No Nasties promise reassures you that every Mama Mio product is free from Parabens, Petrolatum, Synthetic Fragrance and Colourants, Glycols, PEGs, Phthalates, Sodium Laurel and Laureth Sulphate.

If skincare safety is your concern, rest assured you are in safe hands with Mama Mio and MIO.



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