LoveSpoon Candles is A High Quality, Handmade Soy Candles Company, that believes in bringing happiness to our customers through our candles, while at the same time giving back to others in need. Our Company will give a generous amount to a chosen charity at the end of each year.

Our Company name was derived from a Welsh LoveSpoon. In Wales, a LoveSpoon is a wooden spoon decoratively carved that was traditionally presented as the best wedding gift which ultimately symbolized romantic intent. The spoon is normally decorated with symbols of love, and was intended to reflect the skill of the carver. Due to the intricate designs, LoveSpoons are no longer used as functioning spoons and are now decorative craft items that serve as wonderful housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, or gifts for women.
Additionally, our Candles are 100% soy and have wood or eco-wicks which are made of cotton. Soy Candles are known to be clean burning without the release of chemicals like traditional paraffin waxes. At LoveSpoon Candles you can choose from our Cornerstone Collection which encompass our decorative tins with wood wicks that burn with a crackling sound. Or, you can select our elegant colored glass jar with a cotton eco-wick from our Monogram Series.

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