LG Wellness Advisor was created to offer independent consulting as well as offer over 20 years of experience in luxury hotels, spas and retail to your service. The Beauty industry is a vast growing business and with so many products and services that are offered we assist you in selecting the best for your business. We focus on making sound decisions and recommendations based on your needs that will increase profit, add wellness as well as crucial structure to your business.

The product lines I support and represent are lines that have been carefully researched and follow the LG Wellness mission. The mission is very simple. I pledge to provide you with the most precise services and product to fit your needs while ensuring wellness is never compromised. The passion for Hospitality and Retail are what make LG Wellness Advisor the right choice.

Years of professional experiences has granted us specialized skills in Spa Operations, Budget Management, Spa Menu creation as well as Retail Sales. Spotting trends and creating signature services to enhance guest experiences is one of the qualities we excelled in with Luxury Hotel Spas.

Sales and Product knowledge are our passion and we thrive on working with accounts that are also passionate about wellness and healthy skin. We invite you to contact us for assistance in growing your retail sales as well as your professional services. Let LG Wellness Advisor enter your establishment and help you build a successful business.

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